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Ridiculous promises of “job creation” rule Toronto and Ontario elections.

The motif of job creation is back in the public debate, and this time it’s playing especially loud. Both Toronto and Ontario elections feature all sides talking about jobs, as if these were be-all and end-all of the economy. “Vote

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The Beer Store Publishes a Ridiculous Study of Possible Liquor Privatization Effects

The Beer Store has published a study of potential effects of privatizing alcohol sales in Ontario. The results are not surprising: it will bring nothing except gloom and doom. The study has been vetted by an economist Greg Flanagan, who

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Ontario Government Doubles Down on Central Planning for Electricity

After a scathing auditor general report about excessive compensation in the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) company, Wynne’s Liberal government has decided to take steps. She said: “We have a need for the government to have more control over compensation packages

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