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Mainstream Economics and Flying Unicorns: part 1

It is a well known phrase popularized by Carl Sagan: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence. As puts it, if Alice tries to convince Bob she went to a movie last night, a ticket stub will perfectly do. If however,

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Rob Ford is Still Popular Precisely Because He Is So Bad

OK, so we know Rob Ford has done some Bad Stuff. For those who don’t, let me recap briefly: He smoked crack cocaine, has been drunk in public multiple times, hung out with people with criminal connections and initially tried

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Ontario Government Doubles Down on Central Planning for Electricity

After a scathing auditor general report about excessive compensation in the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) company, Wynne’s Liberal government has decided to take steps. She said: “We have a need for the government to have more control over compensation packages

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Wind Power Corporations Can Now Kill Birds Legally

Wind turbine power generators in the US have been granted an interesting exemption recently. Now they are no longer responsible for injury or death of bald and golden eagles, otherwise protected by American law. Instead, they have been granted a

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